• Power Source: CO2 or Compressed Air
• Body/Frame: Aluminum
• Operating Pressure: 250 psi
• Dual Safety Design
• Adjustable Lever Pressure Regulator
• 0-300 Joules of Energy
• 4″-5″ Maximum Penetration
• Limited Lifetime Warranty
• Manufactured and Assembled in the USA!

Designed for Use on Cattle.


The Tomahawk DT is the latest revolutionary break though in captive bolt gun technology offered by Nova Pneumatics. With it’s lightweight aluminum body and frame it is extremely balanced to operate. Our exclusive dual safety design was engineered to maximize operator safety above and beyond any technology available in captive bolt guns. Powered by either Co2 or compressed air, the Tomahawk delivers up to 300 joules of energy at an operating pressure of 250psi. And as with all of our products it is manufactured and assembled in the United States and has a lifetime warranty.

Only – $999

Joules of Energy

Inches Maximum Penetration

PSI Operating Pressure