·  Push button trigger safety.
·  Lightweight—under 6-lbs.
·  Extremely portable.
·  2 year warranty.
·  Easy to clean & sanitize.
·  Low operating cost per shot.
·  Anodized aluminum construction.
·  Purpose designed -— not a converted tool.
·  Easily holstered foroperator convenience.
·  Multi shot capabilities (most in the industry for a CO2 operated tool).
·  Operates on 12-gram disposable CO2 cartridges, (5 to 7 shots per cartridge average depending on species).
·  Recharges after each treatment to the correct psi for future treatments.

Designed for Use on Swine.

The Tomahawk is a revolutionary pneumatically powered blunt force trauma tool, which can be powered by disposable CO2 powerlets or refillable CO2 tanks. For use on pigs up to 30 lbs (Tomahawk S1) or on turkeys up to 50 lbs. (Tomahawk P1).

Only – $799

Joules of Energy

Shots before reloading cartridge

PSI Operating Pressure